Gulu SoundTracks was brought to life through the generous contributions of many people. The field recording and production phases of this project was made possible by financial support from The National Science Foundation (NSF), The Wenner-Gren Foundation, and Duke University. Thanks goes to Jeanette Florence and Keisha Rogers for helping facilitate the ins-and-outs of administering NSF monies to support the producers participation in this project. 

Tremendous appreciation goes to the Duke University Library’s Digital Scholarship and Publication Services team for ushering this project into cyber-existence. The realization of Gulu SoundTracks as a digital site would not have been possible without the expertise and guidance of Liz Milewicz, Will Shaw, and Paolo Mangiafico. Arnetta Girardeau provided invaluable legal advice and Maggie Dickson answered all our metadata questions. 

The visual layout and design of the site was created in collaboration with Clara Pinchbeck, whose artistic eye brought light and energy to the project. Additional financial support from Duke’s The Ethnography Workshop humanities lab facilitated the project’s web design phase. Much gratitude goes to the lab’s 2019-2020 co-convenors, Harris Solomon, Anne-Maria Makhulu, and Louise Meintjes, for their commitment to supporting experimental ethnographic work.

Many thanks goes to Louise Meintjes who helped spark the early conceptualization of this project in one of our many brainstorming sessions. Further creative inspiration came out of conversations about visual art and design with Caitlin Burke, Colleen Pesci, and Mary Ann Bitter. 


Joella Bitter: Recorder, Editor, Photographer, Album Artwork, Texts
Doctor Kaunda: Producer, Composer
Producer Mellix: Producer, Composer
Black da Massacre: Producer, Composer
Producer Usaih: Producer, Composer
Ojok Eddie: Photographer
Clara Pinchbeck: Web Design